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Drag Flick Training


We are specialized in drag flick training. With the use of our unique Drag Flick Training Table, we will help you to develop the correct technique for a good drag flick.

In general drag flick training can be boring, it is difficult and you might get small injuries. To avoid injuries to the back, ankles and legs this Training Table has been developed:

  • Through its unique shape, also young players from the age of 12 years (and older) can use this,
  • By using the table, it is easier to pick up the ball with less pressure on the back, ankles and legs.
  • The Training Table makes it easier to practice for a longer time which helps you to develop faster a good drag flick.

.........the Drag FlickTraining suddenly becomes more fun.

Contact us for more information if you are interested. We offer individual and small group drag flick sessions. Currently we use an indoor facility with turf which helps you to get ready for the next game(s).

Click here to watch the video for the 'Cross Step'



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