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Sport Psychology

Jamie E. Robbins, Ph.D.

Jamie Robbins Ph.D. has been working with teams and athletes from little league to the professionals for over 15 years. She has helped athletes of all ages build their mental skills and work more effectively has a team. Her goal is to help athletes use their minds to help rather than hurt their overall performance

Sport psychology is aimed at helping athletes control and use their emotions to benefit rather than hurt their performance.
Many people will tell you that sport is very "mental" yet few people work on this part of their game.
Jamie can help you:
Identify and build commitment
Enhance confidence
Handle (and learn to love) pressure
Enjoy sport
Work with teammates and coaches
Identify and enhance motivation
Understand strengths & weaknesses
Handle your role
Work through injury 
At the higher levels of sport, talent tends to even out thus those who are mental tough gain the advantage!
Additional Sport Psychology Services Include:
Sessions for coaches
Sessions for parents
Team building sessions


You can contact
Jamie Robbins Ph.D at


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