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How to contact us

For questions about our summer camps only: dpolders@hotmail.com

For individual, small group sessions and our Academy's contact:
Daan Polders 
Email: dpolders@hotmail.com
Phone: (336) 407-3167

Sport Psychology: 

Jamie Robbins, Ph.D       

Email: jrobbinssportpsych@gmail.com

Phone: (336) 414-6218 

Full name:
Email address:

What other sites to check out:

Jamie Robbins, Ph.D. www.jrobbinssportpsych.com

Euro Hockey League: www.ehlhockey.tv/

USA Field Hockey: www.usafieldhockey.com

International Field Hockey Association (FIH): www.fih.ch/en/home

NCAA Field Hockey: www.ncaa.com/sports/fieldhockey/d1

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