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Private lessons and lessons in a small group

Our Field Hockey Academy offers private/ individual and small group lessons for everybody who is interested in field hockey: girls or boys, high school player or not, young or old! We bring the balls and cones and get started. If you would like to learn how to drag flick then we bring the drag flick table and we will teach you all the 'ins-and-outs'.

The private lessons are usually one hour long. The first time we will also discuss and evaluate what your goals are and how we get there. Together we can develop the game plan during these sessions. One of the tools we use is video to support and evaluate your development. We charge an hourly rate per session and packages are available.

Sometimes we forget the mental training: how to prepare for or how to deal with situations. For the mental training we have an experienced Sport Psychologist. We charge an hourly rate per session and packages are available. (Note: this is available for all kind of athletes, not just field hockey).

Small groups have around two to six players at the most to maintain quality. During these sessions we focus on the technical and tactical development of the players. We evaluate from time to time and we will use video as a tool to support and evaluate your development.
Our hourly rate is $ 55- per player with a minimum of 4 players.
Individual/ private sessions or a group of 2 players: $85- per hour per player.
Group of 3 players is $65- per player. Packages are available.

If you are interested please contact us to see what your options are. In the past we have been training already some local players and helping them to prepare for college and tournaments.

NOTE: reserve your session early due to the overwhelming demand for training.


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